Friday, April 19, 2019

Impeachment-Not Yet.

Should the House begin Impeachment proceedings against Trump based on the Mueller Report?  Not yet.

Instead, Pelosi should appoint a special House Committee to throughly review the non-redacted Mueller Report together with evidence Mueller collected and other available evidence with the purpose of recommending whether the House should, based upon the Mueller investigation and other reports of wrong doing by Trump provide sufficient justification for the imitation of formal impeachment proceedings.

This committee should be bi-partisan and should be given a short deadline, say four to six weeks, to report back to the Speaker and House as a whole. To the maximum extent possible, the work of the committee should be public with due consideration to protecting national security secrets and evidence that might interfere with ongoing criminal investigations.

Note: The mandate of the Committee is not Impeachment but rather a determination of whether or not there is a bi-partisan agreement that serious charges have been raised concerning Trump behavior that justify the consideration of possible impeachment.

This approach accomplishes several things.  First, the Democrats do not rush to impeachment, nor do they just ignore the findings of the Mueller report.  Second, the Committee can educate the public on the content and viability of charges against Trump to avoid having the Impeachment process being viewed as a partisan exercise.  Again, the consensus being sought is NOT whether Trump should be impeached but whether sufficient evidence exists to justify the start of formal impeachment proceedings.  Third, Impeachment is a very serious matter.  If advocates of impeachment, of which I are one, can not convince the American public and, at least some, Republican that formal impeachment proceeding are called for given what we know about Trump's behavior revealed by the Mueller Report and other sources, then it is foolish to move forward since we will be giving Trump a powerful weapon to deploy against Democratic candidates in 2020.

Let's be smart folks.

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