Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Facts About Gun Violence—And, how to stop it.

Mass shootings in the United States are epidemic
Thru July of this year, there had been 248 mass shootings in the United States with 246 Americans killed and 975 wounded.  Now the El Paso shooting will add to those terrible statistics.

Republicans are in the pocket of Pro-Gun groups
Pro-Gun groups (the NRA, gun manufacturers, and others) spent 10 times as much on campaign contributions as Gun Control advocates.  All of the top 20 recipients of Pro-Gun campaign money from 1988 thru 2018 were Republicans.  All of the top 20 recipients of Gun Control campaign money were Democrats.

Republicans are blocking gun control
Whenever Democrats propose reasonable gun control legislation, Republican block it.

If you are concerned about mass shootings (and you should be), then you should NEVER vote for a Republican.  Period.

We will never make progress on ending gun violence in this country as long as Republicans are in power.

As long as Republican are in control and under financial obligation to the Pro-Gun groups, there will never be any reasonable effort to end mass shootings.  And, as long as we are not taking steps to end these mass shootings by making it difficult for potential mass murderers to obtain guns, you and your love ones can never be safe in a shopping mall, in a movie theater,  at a concert, or anywhere where people gather, shop or go about their daily lives.

We may not be able to end the killing given how many guns are in circulation in this country.

But, shouldn’t we at least TRY?

End the violence.  VOTE DEMOCRAT.

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