Friday, October 4, 2019

The Real Reason We MUST Impeach Trump AND Remove Him From Office

Our Constitution creates three co-equal branches of government-the Legislative, Executive and Judicial.  The Executive branch is the only branch in which the co-equal power is invested in a single individual, the President.

The President, as head of the Executive Branch, has a number of roles to play and in performing those roles has power equal to, if not in some cases, beyond those of the other branches.  For example, he alone has the power of enforcement through the military and the Justice Department and FBI.

The President of the United States is responsible for:

1. Being the Commander in Chief or the Armed Forces of the United States, the General above all General;
2. Running the vast federal government as the executive in charge of all of the departments of the U.S. Government;
3. Proposing policy and legislation and working with the Senate and House to resolve differences and reach agreement on public policy;
4. Upholding the Constitution and protecting the rights of every American for fair and equal treatment under the law;
5. Providing inspiration to the American people, speaking for the people as a whole and appealing to our best natures and our common interest-helping us to put aside our differences and do the right thing; and
6. Speaking for the United States, representing our country on the world stage, projecting the image of America that we celebrate in our memorials and historical documents.

Above all, we expect, or should expect, the President of the United State to perform these roles and exercise the great powers we have given him or her in the best interest of the people of the United States as a whole and NOT in his personal interest.

He is Commander In Chief, but the Armed Forces of the United States are not his personal army. He runs all the departments of  the Executive Branch, but he is not suppose to use the regulatory and other powers of these departments to enrich himself or serve his personal interests.  The legislation he proposes and works to achieve should be legislation designed to serve the interests of the country as a whole and not just his personal interests or that of wealthy friends or donors.  The foreign policy he pursues should benefit us, the people, not his personal interests.  In short, we expect and should demand that the occupant of the White House subordinate his personal interests to that of the people, us, all of us.

Donald Trump has put his personal interest first.  That is the impeachable crime.  That is why he should be impeached.  That is why he should be removed from office.

If we fail to hold Donald Trump and all Presidents to the standard of putting public over personal interest, then we will no longer have a democracy.

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