Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Seven Goals for the 2020s

As we begin a new decade, we have the opportunity to begin a journey to finally achieve the promise of America not for just a few, but for all.  
As the new year begins, I’m proposing seven goals for the next decade.  These are goals all Americans should be able to support because achieving these goals benefits each of us and insures a better life for future generations. I’m not proposing how we should achieve these goals since there are many ways we can achieve them.  What I am proposing is a set of achievements for the next decade I believe all Americans can support regardless of party or political persuasion.  
Here are seven goals for America for 2030.
1. Access to Affordable Quality Healthcare.  By the year 2030, no American will go without access to preventive healthcare or quality treatment for a health issue because of their income or where they live. No American will die or suffer when treatment exists to relieve their suffering or prolong their life.
2. Jobs that pay a Living Wage at a Minimum.  By 2030, no American who works 2080 hours per year will live in poverty.  To find out what a Living Wage would be where you live go to https://livingwage.mit.edu
3. Free Education and Job Training Beyond High School.  A High School Diploma is no longer sufficient to prepare a person for the job market of today and tomorrow.  By 2030, every American will be guaranteed at least two years of FREE college or technical school education beyond high school.
4. An End to Gun Violence.  By 2030, all Americans will be able to go about their day-to-day lives without fear that they or members of their family will be killed or injured as a result of gun violence.
5. The Right to Vote.  By 2030, every American eligible to vote will be able to do so without undue hardship or restrictions and will be confident that their vote will be counted as cast.
6. Equal Opportunity.   By 2030, every American will have equal social, economic and legal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  At long last, America will truly stand for justice and equal opportunity for all.
7. Protecting Our Environment.  There is just one earth that we all must share.  Our ability to continue to live on this earth depends to a large part on our behavior.  By 2030, the United States of America will set an example for the rest of the world in protecting and preserving Mother Earth.
All of these goals are achievable provided they are goals we truly want to achieve.   All journeys must begin with a destination.  Let achieving these goals be our common destination.

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