Monday, July 20, 2020

How Trump Could Be Re-Elected Without Winning The Popular OR Electoral Vote

Trump has said he may not accept the results of the election if he loses.  He may be setting up a scenario where he can remain President in spite of losing both the electoral and popular vote.  I discussed how this could happen in a recent post on my Facebook page.  Here is what I wrote then.


Could Trump lose the election and still get a second term?  Timothy Wirth and Tom Rogers just published an article in Newsweek explaining how that nightmare scenario could happen.


Here is the way Wirth and Rogers say it could play out


1. Biden wins the popular vote and carries enough key swing states to be presumed to have won 270+ electoral votes, enough to make him President.


2. Trump refuses to concede, claiming that the Chinese, Democrats, or someone has engaged in massive voter fraud by hacking voting machines and/or flooding the election with fraudulent mail-in ballots, just like he as already said would happen if Americans got to vote by mail.


3. Trump, with Attorney General Barr’s enthusiastic backing, declares that the massive voter fraud is a major national security issue requiring him to declare a national emergency and invoke his emergency powers.  He directs Barr to investigate voter fraud.


4. Barr drags out the “investigation” as long as possible.


5. Republican-controlled legislatures in swing states refuse to allow any electoral votes from their states to be certified until Barr completes his investigation.


6. Democrats take the issue to the Supreme Court but the court, unlike in 2000, refuses to intervene.


7. The Electoral College meets on December 14th but without the votes from the swing states Barr is “investigating” Biden does not have the required 270 electoral votes to be certified as the winner.


8. The election of President goes to the House of Representatives as called for by the 12th Amendment to the Constitution which says the House will select the President with each state having 1 vote.


9. Republicans have a majority House delegation in 26 states to 24 for Democrats.  Republican-controlled state delegations cast their votes for Trump.  Trump gets 26 House votes to 24 for Biden.


10. Trump is declared the winner of the election even though he once again failed to win the popular vote and, this time, lost the electoral vote.


All this takes is a close election.  The willingness of Barr to support Trump in his charge of election fraud.  And, the willingness of Republican state legislatures and Republican members of the House to support Trump.  


Trump would serve for four more years.  He would appoint one, if not two, Supreme Court justices thus ensuring a conservative majority on the court for decades regardless of which party gains control of the Senate and/or Presidency in 2024.  Trump could continue to use executive orders to cripple Obamacare, environmental regulations, civil rights, women’s rights, gain rights, worker rights, voting rights, public education, consumer protection, and most of the gains Progressives have made over the last 100 years or more.


Don’t think this could not happen.  It could and it just might.


Read the Wirth/Rogers article here


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