Monday, November 2, 2020


Final polls indicate that Biden has the best chance of winning with 279 to more than 350 electoral votes.  Here is how it stands now:

If you take all states where Biden is ahead by 6 points or more, Biden starts with 259 electoral votes.  Trump has 143 electoral votes.


There are six states in play-- the margin is 5 points or less.: TX, FL, PA, OH, GA and NC


Biden wins if he carries 1 of these six states.


Trump wins on ly if he carries ALL of these six states.


Trump’s best chances are in TX, OH, NC and GA where the difference is 1 point.


Trump behind by 2 points in NC, 3 points in FL and 5 Points in PA.


If you give him NC, then the race comes down to PA or FL.


Biden is ahead by 5 points in PA (50/45) and 3 points in FL (49/46)


Trump needs BOTH of these states to win.  Biden needs to win just ONE of these states even if he LOSES all of the other states in play.


Bottom Line:  We should know something about FL early on Tuesday night.  If Biden is winning, Trump chances DO NOT look good.  If  it looks like Trump will win FL, then the entire election could hinge on PA.  We could not get a final result for PA for up to a week.






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