Friday, October 9, 2009

Americans Support Baucus Bill with Malpractice Reform, Elimination of an Individual Mandate, and addition of a Public Option

Zogby polled 2,232 Americans to determine their support for the Senate Finance Committee (Baucus) bill on September 28-30. Respondents were first asked to read a summary of the bill. They were then asked if they supported the bill as outlined. Only 27% supported the bill as written with 59% opposed.

Then respondents were asked what they would add. Here is how support changed.

Add Malpractice Reform—Support increases to 44%. Opposition drops to 46%.

Delete the Individual Mandate—Support increases to 42%. Opposition drops to 48%.

Add Public Option—Support increases to 40%. Opposition drops to 53%.

Then, respondents were asked their support if two or all three of these changes were made.

Add Malpractice Reform AND Delete Individual Mandate—Support increases to 49%. Opposition drops to 44%.

Add Malpractice Reform AND Add a Public Option—Support increases to 55%. Opposition drops to 41%.

Delete Individual Mandate and Add a Public Option—Support increases to 51%. Opposition drops to 44%.

Make all three changes—Add Malpractice, Delete the Individual Mandate AND Add a Public Option—Support increases to 57%. Opposition drops to 41%.

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