Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Opt-Out Option

Demos may have hit on a way to get a robust public option and give cover to the Blue Dog Democrats. The idea is to allow states such as ultra-conservative, Republican Georgia to Opt-Out—in other words deny their citizens the opportunity to participate in an evil, socialistic low-cost public plan. Repub states could just say no and enjoy having their citizens get their coverage from high-priced private insurance. Let’s see how that might work. New York, Mass and virtually every other state decides NOT to opt-out. The Georgia legislature votes to opt-out. Voters in Georgia start hearing from their friends and relatives in opt-in states that not only is the public option idea a pretty good and cheap option, the private insurers in their states have found tons of cost savings and premiums for private insurance plans have come down to nearly the level of the public option and they still get good medical care. Georgia voters start thinking about why they are being left out and having to pay much higher prices for their insurance. Who did this to them? Republicans start taking on some heat. Suddenly the Repub legislators have a second thought. Maybe opting-out is not such a smart political move after all. Could happen.

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