Friday, June 11, 2010

Republicans think the oil spill is a good thing—for them.

In a series of emails, accidentally sent to Huffington Post, Republican communication strategists in Washington and Louisiana express how thrilled they are with the PR coup for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal because of the Gulf disaster referring to Fox News video showing Jindal calling on President Obama to lift the ban on offshore drilling.  “Watch the video—you can’t beg for a better package than that,” one top Louisiana GOP spokesperson writes to a Louisiana communications staffer at the Republican National Committee.  Yep, the Gulf coast tragedy is just what the Repubs needed this election year.  I guess they think the only thing better would be another Katrina to blow all that oil on shore.  Sad but that’s the Repub strategy to win, economic disaster, jobs disaster, environmental disaster, small business disaster, health reform disaster—I can hear them now: “You can’t beg for a better election year package than disasters. You betcha!”  Jerks.

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