Friday, August 20, 2010

Ground zero mosque not at or on ground zero

Here's how crazy this country can get.  You know all the stuff about building a mosque at ground zero?  Well, it turns out the proposed site of the mosque "at ground zero," isn't at ground zero and doesn't even have a view of ground zero.  The site is two blocks away as this Washington Post graphic shows.  See Post story at :


Additionally, as PolitFact notes, it might not even appropriate to call the proposed structure a mosque.  It will really be a cultural center open to all New Yorkers which will promote cultural diversity.

A mosque is, in fact, planned there, but it's part of a plan for a much larger, $100 million cultural center. According to the project web site , plans include a swimming pool, gym and basketball court, a 500-seat auditorium, a restaurant and culinary school, exhibitions, education programs, a library, reading room, art studios and childcare services. Organizers say the center would be open to all New Yorkers, regardless of faith, and would promote cultural diversity. The center would be overseen by a 23-member Board of Directors and they say membership will not be limited to Muslims. But the center would be geared toward "engaging New York’s many and diverse Muslim communities and promoting empowerment and compassion for all."

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