Saturday, August 21, 2010

Who cares about Obama’s faith?

I hope that this will be my last post on the issue about whether Obama is a Christian but I cannot resist one more commit or maybe two or three.  Who’s counting?

First, why would anyone even conduct a survey asking about the religion of the President?  What difference does his religion make?  Okay, I know Americans got all up in arms about Kennedy being a Catholic and so the Pope was going to run America and all that nonsense but that was back in 1960.  Haven’t we progressed at all in 50 years?

Second, let’s assume Obama was a Muslim.  What frigging difference would that make?  Are we saying Muslims are somehow unqualified to serve as President just because they practice that faith?  What about Jews?  Or, Catholics?  Okay, Franklin Graham, a real nut case in my book, says Obama got the Muslim “seed” from his father.  Is he saying that Muslims inherit some kind of religious genetic defect?  So, Bin Laden can’t help it cause he got the “bad seed”.  I think I know who got the bad seed from their father.  I suggest Graham look in the mirror.

Finally, all this media hype—Fox led, of course—about mosques at ground zero and Obama “is he or is he not a Muslim” just plays in the hands of the nut case mass murderers who want to justify their evil deeds as a holy war.  Why in the world would anyone help them promote the idea that America is somehow at war with Islam?  Hey, Newt and Sara and all you Repubs and Tea baggers out there, you aren’t helping America with your comments about Muslims and mosques.  You are aiding and abetting the terrorists.  Get on the side of the American people for a change for Allah's sake---Opps, sorry about that.

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