Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama the Muslim?

Pew Research is out with a new survey showing that an increasing number of Americans, believe it or not, think Obama is a Muslim.   See 18% say he’s Muslim up from 11% who thought he was in March.  34% of Repubs believe Obama is a Muslim, as do 30% who don’t approve of his job performance.  Could it be that the word “Muslim” is now taking the place of the word “Liberal” in the small-brained-Glenn-Beck-corrupted minds of the far right?  I don’t like you so you just must be an “M.” 

Each day I’m further amazed at how truly dumb a substantial number of people in this country are.  Is it the school system?  Is there something in the gene pool or drinking water?  Is Rupert Murdoch systematically destroying minds with his Glenn Beck talking robots and propaganda machines? Is it all of the above?

Now, I don’t care what religion Obama practices, if any.  To think of it, it would be very refreshing to have a Pres who came out and said he was an atheist.  Maybe we should make it unconstitutional for anyone who subscribes to any religion to be President or Senator or Congressman or a judge or in any position of authority. How refreshing it would be to get the religion crap totally, completely, and permanently out of government and politics. 

Anyway, when you come to think of it maybe Obama should convert to Islam.  Think about it.  How could the al qaeda/taliban/you-name-it nut case mass murders wrap themselves in Islam and claim they are doing some kind of defend-the-religion thing if a Muslim led the country they are so against? It's something to consider. 

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