Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sorry Republicans, its Perry or Romney, says analyst

Well known political analyst Stuart Rothenberg says the Republican race is come down to a choice between Perry and Romney.  None of the other contenders, says Rothenberg, have a chance of winning the nomination.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s prospects vanished when Perry entered the race, and Newt Gingrich’s victory scenario disappeared when his campaign launch flopped. Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s message has always been out of sync with the majority of his party, while businessman Herman Cain lacks the experience to be taken seriously.
Former Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.) has the profile of a contender, but he lacks the fundraising ability and stature needed to win the nomination. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman looks the part of president, but his main appeal seems to be to Democrats and journalists, neither of whom will select the GOP nominee.
Three other hopefuls — former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer and Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter — get no media attention, which reflects their limited prospects and guarantees they won’t get on most people’s radar.

That may not make a lot of Republicans very happy.  Poll Watch Daily says “as in all major national polls recently, Rick Perry is the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination in aNew York Times/CBS News survey, but half of likely Republican primary voters have reservations about their candidate of choice and an equal number wish there were more choices.”

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