Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do we really need federal agencies?

The Republicans all want to reduce the size of government by eliminating federal agencies.  For example, in last night’s debate Perry was finally able to come up with three that just have to go—Commerce, Education and---oh, ah—yea, Energy.  The fact that Perry stumbled is funny and not very surprising given his track record in debates.  However, let’s consider for a moment some of the government services we would lose if Perry and the others had their way.

Eliminate the Department of Commerce and you:
  • Abolish the Bureau of the Census—No more data for reapportionment, no more data about who we are.  No more data to help businesses target customers.
  • Abolish the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—No more weather alerts, let the tornadoes blow and the hurricanes hurl.  
  • Eliminate the Patents and Trademark Office—No more protection for your inventions

Eliminate the Energy Department and you:
  • Eliminate cheap electricity from hydroelectric power—Pay more for your energy.
  • Abolish nuclear safety programs—Build and stock your own shelter, You’ll only need it for a couple of hundred years at the minimum once things get hot.
  • Stop conducting assessments of foreign nuclear weapons development—Who cares what country gets a nuclear weapon next.

Eliminate the Department of Education and you:
  • Do away with federal financial aid for education—Students, parents and local communities pay a lot more for education or do without.
  • Stop collecting data on how well schools are performing—You don’t need to know if your son or daughter is getting a quality education, who cares.
  • Allow schools to discriminate—You can do without equal access to education can’t you?

These are just a few examples.

Yep.  Let's get rid of these and other federal government agencies.  Let’s make life in America MORE DIFFICULT, LESS SECURE AND MORE EXPENSIVE.  That's just what we need--NOT.

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Anonymous said...

Federal govt can never and will never do things better or cheaper than private companies. all these federal agencies are a total waste of our money. Learn to be self sufficient and America will be a better country.