Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cain supporter makes case for NOT electing Cain

A former Cain supporter has made the best case yet for why American's should NOT EVEN CONSIDER electing Herman Cain President and it has nothing to do with his sexual mis-behavior.  It all about Cain being grossly unqualified for the job.

Sam Guzman is an analyst and commentator.  In a recent commentary in the Christian Science Monitor, Guzman says he WAS a Cain supporter.  Now, Guzman says he has “stepped off the Cain train.”  He has done so, says Guzman, not because of the sexual harassment charges against Cain but for other reasons that make Cain unqualified for the presidency, as unqualified as Guzman says he thought Obama was. Guzman presents three compelling reasons for NOT VOTING for Cain in the Republican primary OR in a general election.  Here they are:
  1. Cain lacks political experience—“Being the president of the United States is unquestionably the most difficult job in the world, and politics is a dangerous game. If our next president does not have the knowledge to carefully navigate the shark-infested waters of international and domestic policymaking, he will get eaten for lunch… This is no time for a novice.”
  2. Cain’s policy proposals are too radical—“Second, a good politician needs to know how to unify the nation and even, dare I say it, compromise with the opposition. Politics is at its heart the art of compromise. Nothing more, nothing less.... Cain’s 9-9-9 plan won’t foster the spirit of compromise…It is just too radical… [I]t would turn Washington into a war zone if it were presented to Congress as a serious legislative proposal.” 
  3. Cain just offers “happy talk”—“Finally, I find it worrisome that Cain’s campaign is largely marketing driven instead of issues oriented – just like Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. “Hope and change,” Obama delivered with a smile, and America swooned. What kind of change, nobody bothered to ask. It sounded so wonderful, it had to be right. Well, as many Americans have now seen, this wasn’t quite the case. I’ve come to believe the excitement over Cain is largely the result of the same charisma-driven happy talk."

A progressive could not have made a better argument for sending Cain back to making pizzas.

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