Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Cain gaffes

Cain was in Miami yesterday and stopped for some cuban-style coffee at Versailles Cafe. After tasting the coffee he asked "How do you say delicious in Cuban?"

He was asked about the "wet-foot, dry-foot policy" that allows Cuban immigrants who make it to U.S. soil to stay in the U.S. His response was "Wet-foot, dry-foot policy?" Cain didn't have a clue as to what it was.

Also, he said he was going to shake things up in Washington just like in 2008 when Republicans took control of Congress.  That was 2010.

Cain admitted that he was criticized often for not knowing much about things like foreign policy.  But then, he added “"I'm not supposed to know anything about foreign policy. Just thought I'd throw that out.”  Cain says he would just listen to the military. Great idea, Cain.  Kennedy did that with the Bay of Pigs.  That worked out real well.  Not.

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