Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UPDATE: Perry takes action to stop aliens from attending town hall meetings

It seems Rick Perry is not only worried about immigrants taking the jobs of red-blooded Americans but he is concerned about them taking the seats of Americans at town hall meetings also.

Word is that Perry is not allowing anyone into his town hall meeting in New Hampshire unless they are a U.S. citizen.  It is unclear whether he is requiring a passport or photo ID for admission but I assume that is possible.  

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UPDATE: Associated Press is reporting: Wednesday's event at Granite State Manufacturing is open to the public. The company handles defense contracts for the federal government. A company employee sat beside a Perry staffer at the door and asked attendees whether they were citizens. People were also told that non-citizens wouldn't be admitted. Perry's campaign said later that that was a mistake. The company also later clarified that federal regulations allow immigrants on the premises, but they must be accompanied by an escort.

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