Monday, January 30, 2012

Republicans dissatisfaction with candidates INCREASES

On the verge of a solid Romney win in Florida, more Republicans than ever are now expressing dissatisfaction with their choices of a candidate for president according to a new Pew Research poll.  Only 46% of Republicans think their choices are excellent/good.  52% now say they are fair/poor.  That’s the highest level of candidate dissatisfaction among Republicans  in Pews polls dating back to last May. 

Romney may win big in Florida tomorrow and may be the favorite to win the Republican nomination, but Republicans voters aren’t too happy about that prospect.  But, then they don’t seem to think Gingrich or Santorum or Paul are great choices either. 

There was a bit of good news for Obama from the same survey.  Participants were asked how well they thought Obama, Romney and Gingrich understood the problems faced by average Americans.  Obama was the clear winner.  55% said he understood the problems Americans were facing very or fairly well.  Only 39% said that about Romney and only 36% said that about Gingrich.  Nearly a third of Republicans said their two top choices DID NOT understand the problems Americans faced.   No wonder Republicans are dissatisfied.  They know these guys are out of touch with America--way out of touch.

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