Friday, February 17, 2012

American voters may be turning AGAINST Republicans

A new national poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner February 11-14 for Democracy Corps and Women’s voices is loaded with BAD NEWS for republicans. The behavior of Republicans in Congress since 2010 and on the campaign trail appears to have significantly damaged the Republican brand in the eyes of key voting groups—independents, seniors, and unmarried women.

Here is a sampling of the findings:

  • The percentage of voters identifying themselves as Democrats is up 7% since just last November.
  • Half of all voters now give the Republican party a negative rating due to a dramatic shift in the opinions of seniors and independents.  Both of these groups now view the Republican Party negatively.
  • 68% of voters now say they DISAPPROVE of Republicans in Congress—a 22% jump in disapproval over the last year.  The change is driven largely by a shift in the opinions of suburban voters, seniors and independents from approval to disapproval.
  • The majority of voters give Romney a NEGATIVE rating, including independents. Less than half of Republicans now rate Romney positively.  Rick Santorum performs only slightly better.
  • Obama has made significant gains among unmarried women, younger voters and minorities, the so-called “Rising American Electorate.”  This group was important in the 2008 election but drifted away from Democrats in 2010.  They now appear to be returning to the Democratic Party driven largely by the resurgence of support among unmarried women for Democrats.  Democrats are also making significant gains among seniors but are still having some problem with re-engaging young voters and Hispanics at 2008 levels.

You can read more results from this poll by going to the following links:

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