Thursday, March 22, 2012

Americans say: Get religion out of politics

In a new poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life Americans say they are uneasy with the level of mixing of religion in politics today.  An all time high say politicians talk too much about prayer and their religious faith.

A majority of Americans (54%) and nearly half of Republicans (47%) say churches should keep out of politics.  Nearly four-in-ten (38%) and over one quarter of Republicans (27%) say they hear TOO MUCH expression today of religious faith and prayer by political leaders—an all time high. 

Americans DON'T think the parties or Obama administration are hostile toward religion

78% of Americans think the Republican Party is friendly (54%) or neutral (24%) to religion.  71% of Americans say the same about the Democratic Party—(35% friendly, 36% neutral.)  The same percentage say Obama is either friendly (39%) or neutral (32%) to religion.   However, there has been a shift in the opinion of Catholics.  In 2009, Obama’s friendly/unfriendly ratings among Catholics as 35% friendly/17% unfriendly.  Now, just about as many Catholics see Obama as unfriendly to religion (31%) as friendly (38%).

About one-third of Americans (32%) say university professors are unfriendly to religion.  A slightly higher percentage (35%) say that about the news media.

Overall the margin of error for this poll is =/- 3%; =/- 5% to 6% for party breakdown.

Read the full poll results here:

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