Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aiken not hurt…yet.

A new Public Policy Poll suggests that Todd Akin’s (Missouri Republican Senate candidate) abortion comments haven’t hurt him too much…yet.  PPP conducted a quick one-night poll and found Akin basically tied with Democrat Claire McCaskill 44 % to 43%.  That is basically the same PPP had them before the Abortion flap. Independents support Akin 45 to 41, same as before. 75% of all MO voters say Akin's comments were inappropriate including 64% of Republicans but MO voters disapprove of McCaskill 53% to 41% (approve).

NOTE: The PPP poll is much different from the Survey USA poll that showed Aiken ahead by 11 points last week before Akin’s abortion comments. No new Survey USA poll out yet. We'll see.  The PPP poll was conducted over just one night so is subject to greater error than normal.

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