Monday, July 1, 2013

Why voting Republican is NOT in your best interest

If you are a non-Hispanic white male who is heterosexual, not disabled, a middle to upper income white collar worker between the ages of 40 and 65 with a non-graduate level college degree, work in a relatively stable growth industry such as healthcare or work in an industry that profits from wars, have relatively secure investments worth one million dollars or more, live in an area not prone to natural disasters or are heavily insured, employ a food tester,  have most of your consumer products custom made by experienced artisans you know well, employ your own security force, and/or you are a bigot, then it is not totally illogical for you to vote for a candidate of the Republican Party although it is morally reprehensible  that you would do so. 
However, if you are a single parent or gay or female or disabled or Hispanic or Black or Asian or a member of some other minority race or ethnic group or hold a graduate degree or have a high school degree or less or hold a blue collar job or work in education, the sciences or other sector where jobs depend in whole or in part upon federal funding or have been or could become unemployed or live near an industrial or energy plant that generates toxic waste or live in area subject to floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes or other natural disasters or purchase food or consumer products that could be hazardous to your health if not manufactured according to strict quality standards or have money in a bank or invested with another financial institution that you could lose due to malfeasance or mis-management or use the internet or other social/communication media where your privacy might be at risk,  or live in a high crime area prone to gun violence, then you are voting AGAINST your best interests if you vote for any Republican candidate for any office, local, state or federal.

Republicans are AGAINST:
  • immigration reform;
  • voting rights for minorities;
  • equal rights for gays and the disabled;
  • public investment in science; technology and infrastructure;
  • a woman’s right to choose how her body will be used and her right to healthcare, contraception, and abortion;
  • equal pay for women and minorities;
  • consumer protection laws;
  • federal regulation of banks and financial institutions including usury laws;
  • federal regulation of workplace health and safety;
  • environmental protection;
  • public education;
  • student aid;
  • universal access to affordable healthcare and health insurance;
  • federal funding for disaster relief;
  • a progressive tax system;
  • the right of labor to organize
  • the minimum wage;
  • Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid;
  • Headstart and other early childhood education programs;
  • Food stamps and nutrition programs even those primarily for children;
  • any type of federal funding for housing or other assistance for the homeless;
  • any form of gun control;
  • free speech except when they agree with the positions advocated; and
  • most other things that the majority of Americans support.
Republicans are FOR only one thing—War. 
If you vote Republican, then you are voting for a party that supports the social and financial interests of a very, very small number of greedy Americans (perhaps less than one tenth of one percent of the population or less) while simultaneously encouraging hatred and bigotry by an ignorant, largely southern white underclass in return for their votes.  You are voting for a party that preaches morality and ethics but no longer has any moral or ethical foundation.

The success of the Republican Party is DEFINITELY NOT in your best interest OR that of our country.

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