Friday, August 30, 2013

Does this picture convey what we value most?

I'm a fan of college football.  I'm planning to watch at least two games this weekend--South Carolina and GA.  But this graphic gave me pause.  It shows the highest paid public employee in each state.  There are only two states where the highest paid public employee is a college president and only two a medical school dean.  In most states, the highest paid public employee is the coach of a university football team.  Basketball coaches come second.  Based upon pay, I guess that means we value college sports more than just about anything else.  I'm a college football fan but I find that sad.  We can do better.

Consider this in the light of the fact that nearly 20% of American scientists say they are considering relocating to another country because the sequester has made such deep cuts in basic research.  68% say they don't have the funds to expand their research for the same reason. Would be unreasonable to suggest that we should spend a little bit more on basic scientific research and a little bit less on football?

See the chart below or here:;postID=2132909886566950117

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