Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh NO, Were Repubs Right about Obamacare and jobs? Not exactly.

Repubs have told us over and over that the Obamacare requirement that employers provide health insurance for full time workers (over 30 hours per week) would result in employers cutting the hours of their employees to keep most workers part time (under 30 hours) and therefore avoid the health insurance requirement.  Well, now we have the results of six months of employer terror about the impending Obmacare insurance requirement (that now doesn't go into effect until Jan 2015.)  The Center for Economic and Policy Research has done the analysis using numbers for the Current Population Survey.

The results show that just as the Republicans predicted, the % of workers working less than 30 hours per week is UP. Obviously (as Fox News is sure to report), employers are CUTTING HOURS PEOPLE WORK to avoid Obamacare.  

But wait.  Strangely, the % workers working more than 30 hours per week is up also, proofing that employers are INCREASING HOURS PEOPLE WORK because of Obamacare.  Maybe MSNBC will report this.

Of course, NONE OF THE CHANGES ARE STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT indicating that, in truth, Obamacare hasn't made one DAMN bit difference in how many hours people work.  All we are seeing is statistical noise, the kind of normal fluctuation that occurs normally in any survey-based measurement.   Maybe the Attack Democrat will report this.  (He just did.)

Could it be that employers determine how many hours to work their employees based upon customer demand and not some kind of public policy that hasn't even been implemented yet?  Could it really be that employers hire workers and determine how many hours they need them to work based upon what is good for the business rather than based upon some right wing ideology?  Have the Repubs been WRONG AGAIN.  Looks like it.  Who would have thought?

Check out the numbers CEPR reports below or here:

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