Friday, September 6, 2013

Florida’s “Pre-Emptive, Stand-Your-Ground” legal concept.

As you know, Florida was a leader in developing the legal concept of “stand-your-ground,” which allows Floridians to kill people if they feel threatened.   Now some Floridians think the concept should be taken further.  They argue for “Pre-Emptive Stand-Your-Ground,”  which would make it even easier to justify killing people you don't like.  Now we have a test case.

A guy in Florida had been having some dispute with his neighbors. Sometime on Labor Day he heard some of them saying they were going to "GET HIM."  He went home and got his gun. He said he then "snuck up" on his neighbors while they were enjoying a barbecue. He opened fire on the three neighbors, killing two and wounding one who survived even though he was shot 11 times.

The Florida man's lawyers are demanding that the murder charges be dismissed since the guy who shot his neighbors was just "standing his ground." They cite the "Bush Doctrine" which says you can wage pre-emptive "war" against potential threats before they metastasize into imminent threats. Under the evolving Florida legal concept of "Pre-Emptive Stand-Your-Ground" a citizen does not have to wait until "someone puts a gun right at his head" before he can invoke stand-your-ground.  FL is such a wonderful place to live or visit.  And if you want to kill someone there, you can always find a legal excuse for doing so.

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