Friday, January 30, 2015

Money is about to talk in politics—Big Time.

In the 2016 election, two very rich men have announced that they and their equally rich followers plan to spend nearly $900 million dollars to essentially buy control or at least enormous influence over the Congress of the United States and the American Presidency by promoting candidates and policy positions of their choosing.  An unknown amount of the $900 million will come from the personal fortunes of these two men with the remainder coming from a small number of equally rich Americans who are part of an “elite donor network.”  

Most of the money will be spent through “non-profit advocacy groups” that are not legally required to reveal their donors.  In other words, most Americans will never know that the messages they are hearing about candidates and policies they should support are coming from this small group of very rich people with a very personal agenda to change the direction of the country for their personal satisfaction, power and profit.  

To understand just how much money these two men and their followers plan to spend, consider this.  $900 million is close to the amount that Obama and Romney EACH spent in 2012 and is far more that John Kerry and George W. Bush TOGETHER spent in 2004 in their run for the Presidency.  

What this small group of very rich men is planning is perfectly legal according to a ruling by five Conservative justices of the Supreme Court in the case of McCutcheon v. FEC in 2013. 

Meet the people who plan to control the country here.  If successful in electing Republicans, these men will be in a position to dictate a wide range of government policy that affect your life and that of your family.  And, you will never know just how much they control public policy.

If this corruption of the American political system doesn’t bother you, it should.  Of course, if you have an extra $900 million laying around, you can participate equally with these rich donors in American politics.  Who of you reading this post can pledge an extra $10 million or so to start a campaign?  Let me know.

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