Friday, June 10, 2016

2016 Early Election Projection—Hilary Wins

Election Projection ( ) says the 2016 election looks a lot like 2012 with the possibility of Hilary pulling off a minor landslide.  EP says if the election were held today Hilary would win with 334 electoral votes to 204 for Trump.  She would do slightly better than Obama who won with 332 EVs in 2012.  EP says Hilary could pick up AZ which went Republican in 2012.  She also has a shot at GA, MS, NC, SC and even TX, normally solid Republican which are Weak Trump at this point.  If she picked up those states, she would win with 416 EVs.  We haven’t seen that margin of victory since the Bush/Dukakis race in 1988.  Stay tuned. 

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