Sunday, September 4, 2016

What would you learn if you actually read the FBI report on Hilary and the emails? Well, someone just did. Here is what they found.

People have written thousands of words about the FBI report on Hilary and the “email scandal.”  Not surprisingly, up until now, no one writing about the Hilary email story that I can find has actually READ the FBI report.  No one.  Not one journalist I can find.  Certainly not one Republican politician or Clinton hater.

Well, Kevin Drum at Mother Jones actually did the unthinkable.  He READ the damn report from beginning to end.  He took notes.  He then wrote an article based upon what is actually IN the report, not what he thought was in it or what he heard someone say was it in or what someone said that someone they knew said they heard was in the report.

You can read Drum’s page by page review of what he learned from actually READING what the FBI wrote about Hilary and the “Damn Emails” here:

Please do.  Finally, we have an example of true journalism, the old fashion kind based upon facts. Congrats Drum, you are a rare breed.

But, let’s say, you don’t want to take the time.  Well, here is Drum’s brief summary of what he learned.

(T)his report is pretty much an almost complete exoneration of Hillary Clinton. She wasn't prohibited from using a personal device or a personal email account, and others at state did it routinely. She's told the truth all along about why she did it. Colin Powell did indeed advise her about using personal email shortly after she took office, but she chose to follow the rules rather than skirt them, as Powell did. She didn't take her BlackBerry into her office. She communicated with only a very select group of 13 people. She took no part in deciding which emails were personal before handing them over to State. She had nothing to do with erasing information on the PRN server. That was a screw-up on PRN's end. She and her staff all believed at the time that they were careful not to conduct sensitive conversations over unclassified email systems. And there's no evidence that her server was ever hacked.

Enough said.  It doesn’t make a great story, but what the FBI found after over a year of investigation was Hilary did NOTHING WRONG and SHE TOLD THE TRUTH from the very beginning. 

Don’t believe Drum?  That’s fine.  Read the FBI report yourself.  It is right here:

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