Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Source of Nunes's Claim about Trump Wiretapping Revealed?

Huffington Post (HP) just reported that the Source of Nunes info about Obama wiretapping Trump may have been found. 

The Source-which HP identifies- quotes an ex-CIA employee:

“Efforts to obtain a FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] warrant were initiated by political operatives in the Justice Department, and not by the FBI, all the way up to the attorney general or deputy attorney...They were not initiated because of possible criminal activity, but requested by officials acting on political motivations.”

The Source claims to have reviewed 132 pages of transcripts “outlining the contents of calls made from numbers inside Trump Tower in NYC to other unspecified numbers.”

The Source says a NSA employee reported that “the Obama administration turned the NSA’s Stellar Wind program against Trump for political sabotage!.

Who or what was Nunes’s Source?  HP says it may have been no other than that pinnacle of American journalism—The National Enquirer.

Makes sense.  Nunes says he went to a secure location to read the Source.  Obviously.  Who would want to be SEEN actually reading the National Enquirer? 

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