Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sexual harassment must STOP—Start with Trump

According to a new poll, the one thing most Americans can agree on is that sexual harassment of women occurs much to often and must stop.  

One-third of women say they have personally experienced sexual harassment on the job.  53% of women and 45% of men say this is a watershed moment when it comes to sexual harassment and that it must stop.  74% say they will be less likely to vote for a candidate if he faced credible allegations of sexual misconduct. 90% want the names of members of Congress who have been accused of sexual harassment disclosed.

This poll comes at a time when Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment by no less than 19 women involving incidents as recent as 2013 and going back decades.  Here is a list of Trump’s accusers and a link to more information about their charges.

Jill Harth, 1992-1993-Unwelcome sexual advances, groping
Bridget Sullivan, 2000-Unwelcome advances, invasion of privacy
Cassandra Searles, 2013-Harassment, inappropriate touching, unwelcome advances
Tasha Dixon, 2001-Invasion of privacy
Jessica Leeds, 1980s-Inappropriate touching, unwelcome advances, harassment
Rachel Crooks, 2005-Unwelcome advances, Inappropriate touching
Mindy McGillivray, 2003-Inappropriate touching, groping, unwelcome advances
Natasha Stoynoff, 2005-Inappropriate touching, groping, harassment
Mariah Billado, 1977-Invasion of privacy
Temple Taggart McDowell, 1997-Inappropriate touching, groping
Lisa Boyne, 1990s-Harassment, invasion of privacy
Summer Zervos, 2007-Inappropriate touching, groping, harassment
Kristin Anderson, 1990s-Inappropriate touching, groping
Samantha Holvey, 2006-Harassment
Cathy Heller, 1997-Inappropriate touching, groping, harassment
Karena Virginia, 1998-Inappropriate touching, groping, harassment
Jessica Drake, 2006-Inappropriate touching, groping, harassment, unwelcome advances
Ninni Laaksonen, 2006-Inappropriate touching, groping
Ivana Trump, 1989-Rape, assault

When it comes to stopping sexual harassment, the place to start is at the top with Donald Trump himself.  

Congress through its power of impeachment has the authority to launch an investigation to determine if Donald Trump’s history of deviate and predatory behavior toward women makes him unfit to serve as President.  Trump’s accusers have the right to testify under oath and be heard.  Trump should be questioned under oath about the charges these women have made.  If Congress finds that Trump is guilty of all or even some of these charges, Congress should either impeach Trump or, at a minimum, call for his immediate resignation on the grounds of moral turpitude and unfitness for office.  It is time to send a powerful message that no matter how powerful you are or how rich you are or what office you hold, sexual harassment will not be tolerated anywhere at anytime by anyone.

If we are to end sexual harassment, we can not ignore the behavior of the Chief Harraser himself.  We can not credibly hold members of Congress, CEOs, media personalities, judges, or any others responsible for their behavior if we are unwilling to apply that same standard to the person who occupies the highest office in the land.

Write Congress.  Tell them to do something to stop sexual harassment.  Tell Republicans and Democrats alike--Hold Trump accountable.

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