Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wake Up Women of America. Your Legal Rights Are On the Line.

It is no secret that Donald Trump and Trump Republicans have been conducting a war on women’s rights in the name of “Make America Great Again.”  If these right-wing, women -hating zealots get their way, the clock on women’s legal rights will be rolled back, way back.  

Most women in this country today, I think, understand that Republicans are not their friends when it comes to their legal rights.  However, I am concerned that many young women take for granted rights that they enjoy today that ARE NOT secured by the U.S. Constitution.  With one exception, ALL of the rights in the timeline below that women in the United States enjoy today can be taken away by a right-wing Republican controlled Congress and/or right-wing Supreme Court such as we will get when accused attempted rapist, Brett Kavanaugh, is confirmed.  

I want every young woman, indeed every woman, to imagine what it would be like to find themselves living in an America like it was prior to 1900 or 1920 or 1960 and so on.  Don’t think it couldn’t happen.  It can and it will happen if Donald Trump and his supporters get their way.  

Let’s go back to what Trump Republicans think were the “good old days” when they say “America was great.” Consider this American history. Note: It is only a partial list of the legal rights that are on the line for women.

Before 1900 in the U.S:
  • Women were generally considered to be inferior to men both physically and intellectually just because they were women.  
  • Women could not study or work outside the home.  
  • Married women had no legal identity separate from their husbands.  
  • The main and only job for most women was to give birth and care for children.  Women had no other value to society.  
  • Married women were generally not allowed to go outside their homes for any reason without the approval and permission of their husbands.

Before 1920:
  • Women did not have the right to vote in all states.  At least that is now protected by 19thAmendment.

Before 1965
  • Married women could not legally purchase contraception in all states. 

Before 1970:
  • Women could be fired from their job if they got pregnant.
  • Courts did not recognize sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • A woman could not apply for or obtain a credit card on her own.
  • A married woman could not refuse to have sex with her husband.  Legally there was no such thing as marital rape.
  • A woman could not get a divorce without showing a reason such as adultery.  There was no such thing as a No Fault Divorce.

Before 1972:
  • Non-married women could not legally purchase contraceptives in all states.

Before 1973:
  • In most states, a woman could not get a legal abortion for any reason

Before 1974:
  • Non-married minors could not legally purchase contraceptives in all states

Those are just a partial list of rights women can lose.  Trump Republicans already have control of Congress and the Presidency.  They are poised to take control over the Supreme Court. When that happens, Trump Republicans will be free to start implementing their long-term plan to return women to their status in pre-1900 America.  

Trump Republicans CAN BE STOPPED but only if Democrats win in the November elections.  Republicans seem determined to place an accused attempted rapist on the Supreme Court. That means Democratic control of the House and Senate is vital.  

I call on all American women to VOTE DEMOCRAT and ONLY DEMOCRAT this November.  This may be your last chance to preserve more than 120 years of progress toward equal treatment for women under the law.

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