Thursday, September 1, 2011

The evil basis for Republican and Tea Party beliefs

Republicans and Tea Party conservatives draw much of their philosophy from the writings of the novelist Ayn Rand.  They praise her beliefs and, in particular, her book Atlas Shrugged.   Rand’s philosophy—if you can call it that and most philosophers do not—was essentially just a justification for unbridled selfishness and greed. Republicans are dedicated to turning Rand’s prescription for how we should live into reality.  They will achieve that goal if we allow them to do so.  Watch the video below where Rand explains her philosophy in her own words and the William Buckley video where he comments on her beliefs.  

Republicans seek to turn America into a country Rand would love.  Is this what we want for our country?  I hope not.  Rand's beliefs embodied  true evil.  The only possible explanation for why any person who professes any religion (Christian, Muslim or other) or who subscribes to any moral philosophy would support a party or movement that espouses Rand’s views can only be that they don’t really understand what Rand was saying.  Please watch these videos and encourage others to do so.

Mike Wallace interviews Ayn Rand about her beliefs:

William Buckley on Ayn Rand:

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