Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Republicans Don’t Want to Hear the Truth About Kavanaugh. Here is Why?

We have further proof today that Kavanaugh may be an attempted rapist and unfit to serve on the Supreme Court.

A classmate of Christine Basey Ford confirms that attempted rape incident DID HAPPEN and that many students at her school heard about it at the time.  She recalls drunken parties like Ford described.  She says at the time “the drinking ensconced in the puritanism and hypocrisy of that elite, privileged, mostly white, Catholic, Washington Society, was completely out of control.”

In spite of this confirmation, Republicans refuse to ask the FBI to investigate the charges and/or have the Senate Judiciary Committee interview anyone other than Christine Ford and Kavanaugh.

Greg Sargent in the Washington Post explains why Republicans are so reluctant to conduct any investigation of Christine Basey Ford’s allegations.  It is not because they doubt that Ford is telling the truth. Just the opposite.  A real investigation, even if it proved that what Ford says happened never happened, would delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation, possibly until after the mid-terms and that might be fatal to putting him on the Court.  The Democrats have a shot at winning control of the Senate, not a great shot but a possibility.  If they do win control, the only way Republicans can get Kavanaugh on the Court (and the ultra-right, Pro-Life, anti-abortion Republican base demands Kavanaugh’s appointment as the best way to overturn Roe vs Wade)  is to confirm him during the lame-duck period before the newly elected Democrats take over.  That would such a blatant disregard of the will of the voters as to further endanger Republican chances in 2020.

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